About Us

Spearhead and Partners Ltd. are market data outsourcing practitioners and technologists who provide a comprehensive range of market data support services operating as a fully-fledged facilitator and as a conduit for high level infrastructure deliveries. Support includes fully outsourced market data management, finance and admin reporting, optimisation reviews, cost management, administration, audits, risk, governance and compliance analysis.

Project management for the market data system selection, supporting front, middle and back office processes is provided. Individual solutions are marketed where a distinct customer value can be gained.

Spearhead and Partners Ltd is both an independent and agnostic specialist working within the financial services industry. Based in the City of London and operating globally, the Spearhead team of highly experienced practitioners have the knowledge and proven expertise to empower the financial services sector to maximise efficiency and revenues.

We offer a wide variety of specialised market data products and software tools, including optimised messaging, specialised proxy technology, management services and technical expertise to support your market data delivery and management processes.