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    Legacy tech is a threat to Banks

    If you are just day dreaming about using a “real” machine whilst sat inside a bank trying to get your IE7 on Windows XP to actually browse anything younger than five years old, you are not alone.. When I started in Investment Banking IT, at Salomon Brothers, we were pioneers. Often the first financial and...
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    FCA allows Cloud for Financial Services

    There has been much speculation on the use of Cloud computing for Financial Services organisations. Concerns raised have been due to security and data privacy concerns by Compliance departments and various audit bodies. The IT community have continued to stress that Financial Services, as one of the biggest global computer users, must use Cloud to...
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    Data is not difficult – define it, use it

    One of the things I designed and built 20+ years ago was a middleware layer that took transactions, accounts and products, (TAP) and distributed them on a broadcast basis, so receivers subscribed to required data, and published any and all events they generated. This middleware layer is still in place today in the bank. It’s...